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  • Trust
  • Value For Money
  • Customer Delight
  • Consistent Quality
  • Reliability
About us
From product development to production and packaging, Team Zymo works diligently to manufacture high-quality products that meet international standards.


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Zymo Cosmetics is India’s leading cosmetic products manufacturer. With an expertise of over 14 years and a legacy of building trust, we provide internationally accredited cosmetic solutions that suit the best for your brand.

Zymo Cosmetics offers a comprehensive spec-to-product solution in the categories of Skin Care, Hair Care, Baby Care, Oral Care, Men's Grooming and Herbal Products.

Our Founders

Ankit Patel
Chaitanya Patel
Tarak Patel
Bharat Patel
How we started
  • Registration of the Company done, with 3 team members during the start of the journey.
  • Started construction of the Factory building.
  • Started Commercial Production, first lot produced within 10 months from the start of factory construction. First Product was shampoo.
  • Dispatched first export order for Hair Oil.
  • Started export in Nigeria, Yemen, Haiti, Benin and Canada.
  • The number of clients reached 10+.
  • Developed products from 15+ categories.
  • Achieved member strength of 10+.



Got ISO 9001 certified.


Plant expansion for production capacity
and storage capacity.

  • Got GMP certification from FDCA Gujarat. We were the second company in Gujarat to get this certification.
  • The number of clients increased to 15+.
  • Crossed the number of products to 500+ from the 35+ categories.
  • The total members of the Zymo Parivar reached 50+.
  • Achieved 24 Cr. Total turnover, immediately after recovering from the COVID pandemic. It was a quantum leap of 100% increase from the previous year.
  • Total members of Zymo Parivar reached 100+.
  • Crossed the number of clients to 50+.
  • Got ISO 22716 (cGMP) certified.
  • Purchased a new corporate office in Ahmedabad.
Vision & Mission

Achieving excellence, impacting lives.

Zymo provides every client with high-quality, innovative, and effective cosmetic product solutions that not just exceed expectations but also meet specific needs. Each day we move forward towards becoming a leading player in the cosmetic manufacturing industry, which is known for expertise, reliability, and commitment to providing the best solutions to clients.

Our vision

To be the first choice of brand owners when it comes to trust and reliability.

Our mission

To be always excited to help our clients in building trustworthy & sustainable brands through better products, innovative solutions, agile processes and reliable support.

our commitment

Keeping your brand at the core

Zymo believes in manufacturing high-quality products for client satisfaction. Keeping transparency at the centre, we prioritize ethical practices in all aspects of our business, including sourcing ingredients, manufacturing processes, packaging and marketing.
Brand Values

The brand Zymo represents the below brand values.


  • We always win the trust of our customers with consistent quality & reliable services. Customers stay with us forever because of this trust.
  • We do not do anything that would hurt our customer’s trust in us.
  • We also insist that our suppliers be reliable and transparent. And we are vigilant so that even the suppliers can work trusting us.
  • We are also vigilant to ensure that the members of Zymo Parivar can work with confidence in us. We also provide them with the guidance and training they need to be ready to win the trust of customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders while dealing with them.


  • Reliable manufacturer, supplier & exporter for our clients (beauty brand owners).
  • Reliable client for our vendors & service providers.
  • The reliable employer for the members of Zymo Parivar.
  • Reliable & responsible organization for society and the country.

Consistent Quality

  • Not just quality, we believe in consistent quality.
  • We firmly believe that for any beauty brand to succeed in the market, consistent quality is a prime requisite and that’s why consistent quality is in our blood, I mean in our core.


  • We live the beauty.
  • We believe that everyone is born beautiful, and our products are to nurture that natural, God-gifted beauty.
  • We put very sincere efforts to make the products look beautiful & attractive.
  • And we follow the whole product development cycle beautifully such that our customers feel at ease and can completely focus on branding & promoting their brand.

Value for money

  • We may not be affordable every time. 
  • The prices we charge for our products & services may not be cheap all the time. But we assure the value for the money you would invest in our products and services by providing reliable value-added services and unexceptional support while we develop and manufacture your products.

Customer Delight (Rich & Delightful Experience)

  • We believe to put every effort to make our customers feel so delightful through hassle-free product development, manufacturing, and then the continuous, timely supply of the products.
  • We believe to make them worry-free.
  • We are always keen to offer an extraordinary experience to our clients.
  • Not only to Brand Owners, but we also believe to offer a rich and delightful experience to the consumers of the products.
Our Manifesto

What we believe

Zymo Parivar is a team of like-minded people believing that any action we take shall add worthwhile value to someone’s life.

Learn new things every day and apply them.

Live the philosophy of “win-WIN-win”.

Entertain, educate, execute but more importantly be empowering.

Keep yourself accountable for everything.

Be transparent and authentic.

Make it happen.

Believe in delivering above and beyond expectations through perseverance, determination, proactive working and risk-taking.

Speed and flexibility.

Leave your mark in everything you do through creativity, positivity, high energy and enthusiasm.

Have humanity at heart and build lasting relationships.


From startups to
large enterprises


Specialised departments, expert teams.


We have a well-specialized Marketing team who work with potential clients as a helping hand for them during product development, order processing, and post-order support.

How Marketing team can help you?

New product development

Our new product development team is involved in researching new market trends and product ideas which we can present to our clients to help support them in expanding their portfolio of products with newly trending products.

How New product development team can help you?


The role of our Purchase team or Procurement department is that they identify business requirements for goods, materials (raw materials, bottles, labels, mono cartons), and services & also coordinate delivery and storage operations.

How Purchase team can help you?


Our Production Team is responsible for a wide range of tasks, including the manufacturing of the batch, filling and packaging of the product and development and implementation of processes in compliance with regulatory standards including safety protocols.

How Production team can help you?

Quality assurance

Delivering the finished products in strict compliance with the agreed product specifications is the ultimate objective of our company, and this is also what the client expects from the product.

How Quality assurance team can help you?

Quality control

Our quality control team constantly monitor various production processes to ensure that the quality is maintained during production/manufacturing and packing. They concentrate on the quality of the components, quality of raw materials, in-process analytical testing, various process parameters, plant hygiene, personal hygiene and safety and so on.

How Quality control team can help you?


For any beauty and personal care product’s brand to grow strong, accurately following compliance with various regulatory rules and acts is non-negotiable. We understand this fact very well and hence we have a dedicated team of experts who ascertain regulatory compliance needs to follow in product manufacturing and packaging.

How Regulatory team can help you?

Account & logistics

Our committed team of the Account & Logistics department helps to maintain account records, maintain a proper payment schedule with the supplier so that material delay and availability issues can be avoided and helps maintain healthy cash-flows to grow the organisation financially stronger day by day.

How Account & logistics team can help you?

HR & admin

Our Human Resources Team coordinates its efforts to ensure a family-like work culture is maintained where all members can have many opportunities to excel by learning, executing, performing and empowering.

How HR & admin team can help you?

Ensuring Excellence: Our Quality Policy

Unmatched quality and reliability for your business growth Trusted for beauty, globally certified

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