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How will Zymo assure quality defects and help us handle consumer complaints?

Who will select the suppliers and source the raw materials & packaging materials required to manufacture the products?

What if we select the packaging material suppliers and ask you to purchase from them?

What if we select the supplier for some key ingredient and ask you to purchase from them?

If we require some special document from the manufacturer to register the product in a country other than India, will you provide the same?

Will you allow our technical person or third-party inspection agency to remain present during the manufacturing of our Products?

Do you work on a loan licensing base?

How will my company name be written on the product packaging?

Is it mandatory to write your manufacturer’s name & address on the product packaging?

Will you prepare product artwork for my product?

Do you have any natural product formulations available?

Do you provide biodegradable packaging?

Delivery concern- what is the lead time?

Can you make artwork for me? Do you have an In-house artwork agency?

Do you export on “Neutral code” only?

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