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Packaging consulting

At Zymo, we do not just offer products to our customers. We also believe in helping them uplift their brands to the next level by providing advice and assistance on packaging and labelling. We want our clients’ to grow with us and we hence assist them in choosing the right material, design and packaging that not just complies with the necessary regulations, but is also up-to-date and market-ready. From the initial stages till the end, our goal is to support the expansion of your brand.

Packaging design

With strong research that is relevant for your brand to stand out, our team offers packaging designs that suit the most. We serve our clients with their specific packaging design requirements and cater to each segment of our industry.

Logistics and transportation support

Zymo offers logistics and transportation support for assistance to brands with planning, organizing, and managing the movement of goods and materials. This includes coordinating the storage, handling, and transportation of products, as well as providing tracking and monitoring services to ensure that goods are delivered safely and on time. The expertise of our department heads helps our client’s business improve their supply chain and reduce their costs.

Legal and regulatory compliance

All our business practices are aligned with the legal and regulatory norms of the industry. We operate ethically and responsibly, creating an environment that benefits everyone involved in the process. Zymo cosmetics is committed to complying with each industry-specific regulation.

Quality assurance and product feasibility study

Team Zymo works with the mindset of mitigating any quality concerns in the products before the products are shipped to the client. So the client can rest assured of no manufacturing defects.
Though we have taken care of many factors for product feasibility while defining product specifications, there are some which can only be confirmed with physical products.

Regulatory compliance guidance

  • Cosmetic product manufacturing and selling involve many regulatory compliances to be followed. Failing to follow the same may badly impact the brand image in the market.
  • Most of the regulatory compliances regarding the manufacturing of the products come under the scope of the manufacturer however, there are many such compliances which come under the scope of the brand owner especially regulations for labelling and product claims.
  • We at Zymo strictly follow all the regulatory compliances that come under the scope of the manufacturer. 
  • At the same time, our expert team also guides you at various stages of product development, packaging development and artwork development to make sure that compliances scoped to the brand owners are also followed.

Export procedures and documentation support

  • At Zymo we have a dedicated team to handle export procedures and documentation.
  • We take care of all required regulatory compliances and customs clearance guidelines of India to avoid any issues in clearing cargo at Indian customs houses.
  • At the same time, as per the guidance of the Importer, we help and support the Importer in availing all the required documents or product samples in registering products in their country as well as complying with the regulatory and customs requirements for the hassle-free import procedure.

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