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About Private Label

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Zymo offers a wide range of beauty and personal care products and custom formulation services under your brand name, working closely with clients to ensure quality and performance standards are met.

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Zymo’s growth lies in the growth of clients. Our private label services provide you with a cost-effective and efficient way to expand your product offerings and strengthen your brand.

About private label

Private label manufacturing process

From product selection to the final order, our entire process of private label is created keeping the benefits and overall growth of our clients as the core focus.
Step 1

Understanding your requirements

First, we understand your market and product requirements & specifications. You come with a product concept and/or specifications & requirements. You can have 

  • Marketing USPs of your product 
  • Packaging concept and specifications 
  • Product price range requirements etc. 

If any of your above requirements can be satisfied by selecting any product from our available stock products, team Zymo may present to you our available stock products.

Step 2

Product selection from available stock products

If you do not have an idea of which formulation to add, what packaging to choose, or what actives to add. Then we can suggest you some of our Existing Product Formulations. And If you want us to formulate a similar product to our Existing Developed products, we can formulate the same for you.  

Step 3

Sample evaluation with minor customizations

If you choose to formulate a product from our Existing Formulations, we can formulate it for you. But we will not give you the same formulation as our existing product, we will do some corrections in the formulation then we will give you the sample. Giving the same formulation may create a product with the same formulation that is already in the market under the brand name of any of our existing clients. Which is against our ethics. We take special care to avoid giving the same product to multiple clients. The same will apply to the products we manufacture under your brand name as well. So, that you can be completely worry-free, and rest assured of the protection of your brand against unethical copies of your products and can fully focus on marketing & promoting your products.

Step 4

Cost estimations and approval

We give you product cost estimates based on your finalized product formulation and packaging requirements. You approve the costing and place a confirmed purchase order.

Step 5

Order confirmation

You approve the costing and product specifications and place a confirmed order for commercial production and process the advance payment as per the agreed payment terms. Once you confirm the order, based on your approval of the formulation and packaging, a systematic process for the new product order processing will be triggered.


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How will Zymo assure quality defects and help us handle consumer complaints?

Who will select the suppliers and source the raw materials & packaging materials required to manufacture the products?

What if we select the packaging material suppliers and ask you to purchase from them?

What if we select the supplier for some key ingredient and ask you to purchase from them?

If we require some special document from the manufacturer to register the product in a country other than India, will you provide the same?

Will you allow our technical person or third-party inspection agency to remain present during the manufacturing of our Products?

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