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About custom cosmetics

From formula development to customised packaging selections, we are here to offer you with tailor-made products that are as unique as your brand.

Over the past 13 years, we have successfully translated product concepts developed by our clients, into complete end-products. Whether you are just starting out, or have been in the business for years, choose your category and we make the best out of it.

What are the benefits of
customized products?

We provide third-party manufacturing where we assist brand owners in formula and packaging development. We also do contract manufacturing, where we adhere to the cosmetics or Herbal formulations created by our customers and successfully translate them into the desired product.


The Custom Manufacturing Processes

Adopting a complete Spec-To-Product approach, Zymo Cosmetics can take care of the whole product development cycle, starting from formula development to the supply of the Finished Product to the warehouse of the clients.
Step 1

Understanding your requirements

First, we understand your market and product requirements & specifications. You come with a product concept and/or specifications & requirements. You can have 

  • Formulation 
  • Benchmark Product Sample 
  • Ingredient List 
  • Marketing USPs of your product 
  • Packaging concept and specifications 
  • Introduction of a completely new product concept 
  • Product price range requirements etc. 
Step 2


Our technical team brainstorms on your market & product specifications, regulatory requirements, technical and production scale feasibility and ease of material availability, etc. So, we can deliver the most suitable product that closely aligns with your product specifications while at the same time giving you confidence in getting it success in the market and building a strong brand. 

Step 3

Product formula development

We start developing a product formula that is most suitable to your needs. We prepare some laboratory samples and provide them to you for your evaluation & feedback. Based on your feedback, we fine-tune the product formulation. This may require some iterations of sampling & feedback. And then we finalize the product formulation once you are satisfied with the product sample and approve the same

Step 4

Product packaging selection

While we work on developing the product formula, we also capture your product packaging requirements. We suggest you packaging options that are most suitable for your products & we finalize product packaging requirements. On your behalf, we handle all the challenges of choosing reliable suppliers and the right packaging that goes well with the product and gives the consumers the convenience of use.

Step 5

Cost estimations and approval

We give you product cost estimates based on your finalized product formulation and packaging requirements. Based on the cost estimations provided and the product samples provided you can make a wise decision on the viability of the product in your target market. If the product does not seem viable for you, based on your feedback we may rework the selected formulation or packaging to match your expectations and send you the final product sample for your check and approval before placing a confirmed purchase order.

Step 6

Product feasibility study

A packaging feasibility check is performed to see if the components of the package and the packaging of the completed product fulfill quality requirements and are safe from damage such as leaks, drops, and environmental impacts. We do a basic feasibility check at this point to confirm if the selected formulation and its packaging can go hand-in-hand. Later on, after order confirmation, we do a detailed feasibility study.

Step 7

Order confirmation

Once You approve the costing and product specifications, place a confirmed order for commercial production, and process the advance payment as per the agreed payment terms. Once you confirm the order, based on your approval of the formulation and packaging, a systematic process for the new product order processing will be triggered.


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How will Zymo assure quality defects and help us handle consumer complaints?

Who will select the suppliers and source the raw materials & packaging materials required to manufacture the products?

What if we select the packaging material suppliers and ask you to purchase from them?

What if we select the supplier for some key ingredient and ask you to purchase from them?

If we require some special document from the manufacturer to register the product in a country other than India, will you provide the same?

Will you allow our technical person or third-party inspection agency to remain present during the manufacturing of our Products?

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