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Living a Culture of Inclusion

We’re thrilled to share with you that Zymo Cosmetics has completed a major rebranding initiative, and we couldn’t be more excited about the direction we’re heading in. Our goal is to set a new benchmark in the cosmeceuticals industry, not only with our products but with the “Culture of Inclusion” that we’re creating.

As a company, we believe in the power of collaboration and inclusivity, which is why we made sure to involve all of our members in the launch of our new branding. The top management, the staff, the workers, the helpers, the cleaners and the guards all came together to create something special that truly represents our brand’s values.

While we’ve updated our logo and website, our commitment to providing exceptional customer service remains unchanged. We’re still the same parivar you’ve come to rely on for all your cosmetic needs, and we’re excited to continue delivering the best in the industry.

To celebrate this milestone, we created a variety of merchandise that everyone at Zymo can wear proudly.

Our new T-shirts, brand wall, mission, vision, and core values embody the spirit of unity and teamwork that we strive for in our daily operations.

In line with our philosophy of “Adding value to people’s life”, on 26 January 2023, we included many members of Zymo Parivar in the launching of the New T-Shirt, Brand Wall, and Memorandum of Core Directives. This includes members from top-line staff to bottom-line workers. We are happy to know that all of them felt honored and enjoyed the moment of the launch as if it was an unforgettable moment for them. We are happy that we are living in a “Culture of Inclusion”.

We would like to congratulate all the members who got an opportunity to launch various things:

New T-Shirt Launch:

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New T-shirt launched by Anita Gamar. She is doing exceptional work at the packaging line.

Unveiling of New Brand Wall:

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New “Brand Wall” unveiled by Vaishali Sali and Popatji Thakor. Vaishali is a business development executive doing excellent work on new business development. Popatji is giving his best in the packaging line.

Launch of the “Memorandum of Core Directives”:

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A sunboard of the “Memorandum of Core Directives” have been unveiled by Savita Makvana and Kanchan Parmar. Both are doing an excellent job at the packaging line.
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A letter of “Memorandum of Core Directives” has been launched by the hands of Gomti Solanki, Manjula Parmar, Hansa Baranda, Indira Thakor, Kajal Rathod, Krupa Patel, Divyesh Darji, Sunil Thakor, Ranjit Thakor, Kishan Raval, Bharat Patel, and Dilip Thakor. Krupa Patel is a senior business development executive who is doing exceptional work on new business development. Divyesh Darji is a senior F&D executive and doing his best for new formulation developments. Ranjit Thakor and Bharat Patel are supervising the production of the products. Gomti Solanki, Manjula Parmar, Hansa Baranda, Indira Thakor, Kajal Rathod, Sunil Thakor, Kishan Raval, and Dilip Thakor are giving their best in the processes of product packaging and batch manufacturing.

As you read through this article up to this point, I am pretty much sure that you are equally excited as we are to witness the transformation that Zymo Parivar is going through. Thank a bunch for your continued support as we embark on this exciting new chapter in our journey. To learn more about our rebranding and the culture we’re building at Zymo, please visit our new website at

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