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Say no to virus with Zymo – Get Hand Wash Manufactured Under Your Brand

Clean hands have been an important aspect of hygiene ever since the discovery of germs. It was found out that water is not enough to rid our hands of harmful germs. For this, soaps were very effective and the introduction of liquid soap became instantly popular in the world. “But given their vital role in maintaining hygiene, it is imperative that liquid handwash is of best quality.” They should eliminate all threatening microbes from hands without robbing the softness of skin. Also, they need to be of right pH level.

Doctors recommend washing hands before meals, after using toilet and after coming home. However, in the wake of Covid-19, the need of the hour is to wash hands with a quality hand wash every few hours. “Doctors also suggest that soap is more effective than sanitizers in cleaning the hands of potentially life-threatening viruses.”

Furthermore, Hand Wash is among those cosmetics & personal hygiene products which are moving fast. These FMCG products are manufactured by Zymo under contract manufacturing or third-party manufacturing basis. “Variety of hand wash products can be manufactured as per the quality and packaging specifications of our clients under their brand names.” Our hand washes are suitable for cosmeceutical, prescription based derma, over-the-counter or spa & salon market segments.

Moving on, all Zymo products are world class with no compromise. We can make any product as per the formula you give us. Another option is we create the product from scratch and deliver it to you. “So, the only aspect you need to take care of is Marketing while we handle the technicalities and the regulatory compliances.” You can market it under your brand name. If you have a concept and/or product specification and can’t find the means or resources to put it into use, we shall be the right option for you. Moreover, we also consider lower minimum order quantities in some cases. Young entrepreneurs looking for a platform may also approach us. We also, with the right knowledge and experience manufacture a wide range of tested, ready to sell skin products under our own brand name.

The manufacturing unit is FDCA approved and ISO 9001 certified. There is a dedicated team of chemists focussed on making or developing the apt formulae for products as per the client’s needs whilst meeting the consumer requirements. We also house R&D facilities along with laboratory set ups for testing and quality control systems. Our raw material suppliers are all market leaders, and the supply is kept under constant inspection. Help in appropriate product packaging standards and designs is also given if needed. Our management team consists of experienced and skilled personnel in the fields of Cosmetic, Cosmeceutical, Pharmacy, Engineering and Business management.

We believe in delivering the best and try to cater to a wide spectrum of customer reach, domestic as well as overseas. Implying, we not only formulate cosmetic based but also herbal and ayurvedic based skin and hair products.” Our Ayurveda products adhere to the age-old composition made with modern technology. Our Ayurveda branch offers many cosmetics for different purposes.

Whether you are looking for private label or custom cosmetic in any hair and skin care products, Zymo is your best bet for manufacturing solutions.

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